Marigold Therapy is an integral part of Homoeopathic Podiatry, which has been researched and developed over the past 25 years. This discovery resulted in his development of Marigold Therapy and its unique range of medication for the treatment of the skin, bones and nails of the lower limbs from which countless foot sufferers have benefited either as a result of treatment from Dr Khan (London, Podiatrist) or from the increasing number of podiatrists he has trained in Marigold Therapy and Homeopathic Podiatry of which Marigold Therapy is an integral part.

Safe, Gentle Footcare

Marigold Therapy is a topical treatment for a wide variety of painful, acute and chronic foot problems. Painless, quick acting and without adverse effects, it is suitable for people of all ages including children. Non-invasive, it is especially helpful for people in ‘at risk’ categories for whom surgery is contra-indicated. Its high success rate in resolving disorders of the skin, bones and nails of the feet encourages people to take a positive interest in maintaining foot health.

Foot Problems

Foot disorders treated with Marigold Therapy and Homoeopathic Podiatry include:


– Athlete’s foot – Dry eczema – Foot ulcers

– Chilblains – Dry fissures

– Corn/callosity – Verruca pedis


– Arthritic joints – Post-operative complications

– Bunion and Tailor’s bunion – Sprained and strained ankle

– Gout – Sports injuries involving the feet


– Fungal and bacterial infections

– Dry and brittle nails


Marigold Therapy and Homoeopathic Podiatry are available: Marigold Therapy products have been shown

clinically to posses anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, analgesic and keralytic activity.

They are prepared in the form of pastes, tinctures, oils, ointments and cream.

No animals are used in research or in the manufacture of Marigold Therapy preparations.

Please note that every patient will be assessed before any treatment and we work to the Manual and teachings by Marigold Therapy taught by Mr Tariq Khan since 2006 when I qualified to use the products.